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Last updated: 3 December, 2013
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Jannis O'Neill
Janice ONeil
Vice President
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Sue Marlow
IPP, International
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Melodie Brooks
Melodie Brookes

Jilly King
Jenny Bevan
Jenny Bevan
Sales and
Regalia Officer
Sue Hill
Sue Hill
Editor and
Website Co-ordinater

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Vice President and Membership

What a weekend we had in Llandudno. Absolutely exhausting both physically & emotionally so the next day, Monday, was a bit of an anti-climax. I didn’t know where to start so just did the boring unpacking & left over chores. On Tuesday it hit me – what have I done? I can’t do this. I shouldn’t have …, wouldn’t have …. etc, where do I start? So I looked at the Membership enquiries & stayed up until around 2am on Wednesday morning  just clearing my emails & putting paperwork in order. When I woke up later on Wednesday morning I felt brilliant. Yes I can do this, come on ladies, give it to me. I can change the world. Actually I can’t but I felt so much better! What’s the phrase about eating an elephant, one bite at a time!

I’ve been to several Circle events since Conference, presented a new Circler (in my own area) with her certificate, attended the South Eastern Regional lunch, agreed to help at an Area 50th Charter & made several  calls to Tangent clubs about membership. I also attended my Tangent’s AGM where I was able to explain about membership guidelines. I have a date in the diary for next March to visit Saddleworth Tangent’s 50th Anniversary (thank you so much) so I’m on my way. What a learning curve – huge, just like my hips! Must be all those elephants I’m eating.

Thank you for voting me into this privileged position. I hope I can do it justice & make you as proud of me as I am to be part of the NATC. I have my first Exec meeting at the Welsh Tangent lunch so will be getting together with the new Exec team, learning the ropes & how I can help Karen in her Presidential year. I do look forward to hearing from you & meeting you all on our travels around this fabulous Tangent Club.

Janice O'Neill
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Immediate Past President, International and Membership

Immediate Past President   ^Back to TOP^

All membership enquires should be directed to the IPP at the email address above.
The Form for affiliation is here and the Form for independent membership is here.

Secretary’s Notepad…….

Nomination and Resolution forms for the NAGM 2014 in Bournmouth

AGM Report here



When I stood for National Secretary in Jersey last year I offered you TEEF, Time, Efficiency, Experience and Friendship, with the hope that we would have plenty of Fun along the way too!

With Terrie Hewitt’s example before me, I had a lot to live up to.

I am happy to tell you that I do indeed have all my TEEF left, but bear with me as there is plenty going on with ‘work in progress’.

Did you know, for example, that your willing band on the National Executive undertakes all their tasks without any smart offices or staff? That’s right; it’s just me here as Secretary at home, and like you and the other Officers, we have families, work and other commitments, as well as illnesses and holidays.

I am delighted to deal with the emails and letters I receive from you (around 13,000 members) and the many other people who contact NATC, so please have patience if you do not always get an immediate response.

Spring has certainly arrived with hundreds (about 650 clubs) of yellow Directory forms plopping through my letter box. I am particularly thrilled at the increasing numbers of online forms which I am receiving, which are much less time consuming to read and process. Many thanks to all of you who have agreed to be the club contact this year. The notes and letters attached are much appreciated and I have noted those clubs who still wish to receive information by post. Please make sure everyone in your club gets to see the magazine, and perhaps this could be the summer that you seek some IT help from a family member or friend!

Continuing with last year’s President Sue Marlow’s theme of ‘Communicate, Circulate and Celebrate’ it was most encouraging that the Executive’s Recommendation 10.2.2 at the NAGM Each Tangent club provides a (generic) email address which could be added to the club list on the Tangent National Website to improve communication, was passed. These addresses (for example will give more of us the opportunity to reach each other direct.

NATC is like a family. We should have elastic sides to encompass old friends and ways of doing things but also be open to new friends and experiences in order for us to flourish and grow.

I am looking forward to meeting many of you during the year. Why not get together by train or car to share transport with some other local clubs, and let’s keep alive that fun we had in getting together in Ladies Circle.

Yours in continuing friendship

Melodie Brookes,
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This time last month I was just getting my speech together not dreaming for one minute, (well maybe half a second!) that I would be voted in for the role of National Treasurer.

I wrote it all out and timed it, booked the train and hotel and embarked on the whole journey! And boy what a journey, I was so surprised and genuinely pleased that I was voted in.

I hope to do a good job over the next two years, and I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you who voted for me. I would like to wish Karen well in her special year and would like to wish the whole executive a good year.
If there are any questions about the finance – please do not hesitate to contact me.

Let’s all enjoy working together in continued friendship in our very special organisation.

Jill King
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Regalia Order Form 2012-13 (PDF) to order Past Chairmen's Jewels/Name Bars etc

Sales and Regalia Officer

As some of you are aware the gift side of the shop is closing for 3 reasons: Manufacturers demands for quantity and monetary value inappropriate for our needs, cost of postage, and manufacturers previously dealt with having gone out of business.

For that special gift you want for a member or your committee – by a local product and have the logo engraved on. Either you can download the logo from the website or the Engraver will do so. This makes the gift very personal.

I am now taking over the ordering of Regalia and would ask that you please complete all order forms in BLOCK CAPITALS. Be aware that your Club Contact receives all forms every year – please ensure that your Contact is an active member of your club as I have many phone calls/emails asking for the forms! You should be aware that the person nominated as the Club Contact receives the forms in the May Mailing!! ALL FORMS ARE AVAILABLE ON THE WEBSITE TO DOWNLOAND AND PRINT OFF!!

I am taking over the contact for the Regional Luncheons from the National Secretary – this will ease her workload! So please if you want to organise a luncheon for your region do not hesitate to contact me – before I chase you!!

I look forward to hearing from you and seeing you at the Regional Luncheons during the year.

National Sales and Regalia Officer.
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All articles for the magazine should be emailed to the National Editor and Website coordinator together with any photographs (.jpg format please) in as large a resolution as possible (printing requires the best available image). Please ensure your contact details includes both daytime and evening phone Numbers.

Editor and Website Coordinator

Well, I can hardly believe that this is my third magazine as Editor! This means that I have now completed one entire revolution of the Tangent year, or a third of my time in this office. The time has flown, it has been both challenging and rewarding. I have very much enjoyed receiving all your pieces for the magazine and website and meeting you at the various Lunches and events that I have attended.
I hope that you are enjoying the slightly new look and content. Don’t forget, the magazine is for you the members. It is nothing without your contributions and feedback, so send me your articles and pieces of interest. Tangent members are interested to learn what other clubs or individuals have been up to, whether it be charity, fundraising or social events. It all makes for variety and may encourage others to join in and do something similar. Send your articles and digital photographs to

I look forward to seeing many of you there. If you see me around, please come and have a chat!


National Editor and Website Coordinator

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The National Secretary's term of office is a tenure of three years however she is elected as 'Secretary Elect' at the AGM one year prior to her taking office, this is to enable a smooth transfer of the office from one incumbent to the next. The next 'Secretary Elect' will be sought to be elected at the AGM in 2015. If you might be interested in the post please contact the current secretary at


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